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I would like to thank Michelle for assisting me with my financial needs. She provided great information on how to repair and build my credit. My score has jumped by 80 points!  I loved the guide for economic growth. Thank you Michelle for all you have
 done to help me!
Regina M
I started my credit restoration journey February 27th and was sending my first round of dispute letters out by March 3rd with UCES!! I received my first updates and 14 items were DELETED!!!! My score also increased 57 points!! I was in complete awe! This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and I’d do it all over again if given the chance.
Shayla W
Michelle is the best! She does what’s right for her customers I thank THE MOST HIGH for people like Michelle Jarmon! Not only am I getting my credit fixed for free but the company’s filing a lawsuit on my behalf all free of charge! This means the world to me especially during this pandemic. You rock and I will forever be a customer. This company showed up and showed out for people like me in 
this time of need!
Larissa D
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A devoted wife and loving mother with fifteen years experience as a licensed educator. She has been in the financial industry for four years as a referral consultant who helps people achieve excellence credit. Her clients have been able to qualify for home ownership, new cars, and lines of credit just to name a few! 
Michelle has built a successful franchise along with her husband Carl, within the network marketing industry. Together they have led a successful team of consultants to open their own franchises to help them create lucrative streams of income. 
Michelle is passionate about helping others achieve financial and time freedom. 
She loves to educate, inspire, and empower others to strive for greatness. 
“ God has shown me my purpose and I’m dedicated to fulfill it.”
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